Go in Africa

Go in Africa – Your Guide into Africa

GoInAfrica is a comprehensive online travel guide to Africa. This is your guide you to Southern Africa, East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. This site is an exhaustive resource for travelers looking to exploring Africa offering all sorts of practical info on where to stay and eat, what to pack, how to get through customs, choose a tour, stay safe and healthy.

About Africa

Africa is like no other place on earth – vast, sweeping, diversified, complicated, and breathtaking. You’ll have one of the most memorable trips of your life there. Africa astonishes the world with its stunning scenery, its ancient civilizations, its hypnotizing music. This is your chance to experience the world’s most fascinating continent.

Top Things to Do

Active Holidays
There are lots of active adventures! Go cycling, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, golfing…in Africa! Here are the different adventure activities to Get you GOing!

Gourmet Food, Cooking courses and Wine routes! Yoga, Meditation, Wellness & Spa! Free your mind and enjoy! GO with all your senses!

African Safaris
Experience the wildlife and bush in Eastern and Southern Africa. From traditional wildlife safaris to gorilla trekking in the wild jungles of Africa! GO wild!

Incentive Travel
Tired of the usual teambuilding activities? Take your incentive one step further and come to South Africa! Sport events, Gala Events, Themed Dinners… GO together as a team!

Fun & Leisure
Pack your surfboard or your kite surf gear, do the largest Abseil in the World in Cape Town, it is all possible! GO crazy and plan your fun holiday!

Family Holidays
Travelling with your kids without stress! Holidays packed with kids’ activities and family friendly accommodation! GO Travel Africa with Your Kids!!